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( — March 8, 2013) Eugene, Oregon — The First Internet broadcast celebrating the International Women’s Day airs today and features original programs, panel discussions, inspiring content from major Women’s organizations and initiatives, activities from the United Nations, and entertainment.

The internet video channel Peace Day TV has been broadcasting the United Nations International Day of Peace Broadcast since 2009 now launches the annual International Women’s Day Broadcast. Combining inspiring and insightful content from prominent leaders and organizations along with original panel discussions, live performances, and conferences, the broadcast is poised to be the premier celebration for the United Nations observance.

Live virtual panel discussions made possible with the video conferencing technology offered by Google Hangouts enable a myriad of relevant and important dialogues. From the esteemed panel of the original program “Women in Media: Our Voices, Our Vision,” to the dynamic arts-sharing and performance round table show “What’s Your Peace?” Google Hangouts is making interactive programming easily accessible.

“We are very enthusiastic about what we are able to put together with lively panel discussions” says broadcast producer and director Kevin Kerber, “With Hangouts we have been able to bring many people together quickly and produce rich programming. Each show leads to a handful more as all the participants want to have additional conversations. The technology is very easy for everyone to use, the potential is vast.”

The programming team at Peace Day TV has ongoing plans to cover more U.N. observances, and continue to facilitate discussions between organizations and U.N. Groups such as their production partners, Pathways to Peace and the Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI). “We have so many groups asking to work together to broadcast discussions using video chat to share progress and plans, we’re just getting started and have a lot of ground to cover.” says Stephen Fantl, co founder of Peace Day TV.

In the years of producing their annual PeaceDay Global Broadcast, the many relationships forged with content providers have now been enriched with new video communication technologies. These advancements of organizations’ public reach and networking capabilities are creating a new wave of engagement as viewers join in the conversation through texted questions and video interactions. With a growing list of public discussions, performances, and presentations, Peace Day TV is poised to blossom into a major hub of conscious conversation. is a video streaming site known as the Conscious Content Channel, and delivers live events, concerts, conferences, celebrations, curated content specials, and topical UN observance broadcasts.

Kevin Kerber, producer
Peace Day TV and The International Women’s Day Broadcast