When Life is Hard, Does Will Power Really Work?

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(Newswire.net — March 12, 2013) Naples, Florida — When life is hard, will power, trying harder and never quiting can be like hitting a wall over and over. It can even make matters worse when your conscious will and your subconscious beliefs do not agree. Repetition sinks habits deeper by making stronger brain neural pathways. Breaking free from your comfort zone of limited options can be almost impossible.

It even happens in nature. If you put a buzzard in a pen that is 6 feet by 8 feet and is entirely open at the top, the buzzard will be a prisoner, in spite of its ability to fly. The buzzard always begins its flight from the ground after a 10 to 12 feet run. With no space to run, it will not even attempt to fly. The buzzard’s comfort zone is not challenged. Willpower and trying hard over and over did not work, but made things worse.

Willpower focuses on outside goals. When you do what you doesn’t work over and over, it’s like dusting off a computer, hoping to fix the virus. Effective change starts inside you, moves outside into your life, attracting options that work.

Dr. Noble Harrison, Psychologist, and Elizabeth Harrison, psychotherapist, contend that openness is the top ingredient in the most important ingredient in the formula for success with their clients. Openness prepares you, inside, for a change. Opennes is to shift present inside, instead of using willpower to try hard to achieve outside goals. Openness is to be still; curious to seek and attract new options, instead of applying willpower to do what you always did. New options help you break free.

Openness is the trait that lead Dr. Noble Harrison, Psychologist, and Elizabeth Harrison, psychotherapist, to quit the traditional private practice 16 years ago in search of options. They combed the globe in search of fast, easy lasting change techniques. They discovered, combined, and simplified cutting edge energy techniques, Brain Body Balance ™ .

The results with thousands of students have exceeded their expectations, results with moods, relationships, dis-ease, prosperity, anti-aging, immune system and more. Brain Body Balance™ self help techniques are the result of 16 years of combining and simplifying cutting edge energy techniques that use your greatest asset, your brain for an inside out change. Change at the cellular memory subconscious level that runs your life. Self help techniques that take mere minutes to learn, seconds to use, for change that lasts without the expected wait or struggle.

When willpower and trying hard to do traditional treatments for 7 decades had not worked, Bella did not quit. Exhausted and at her bottom, she mustered up a pinch of openness and agree to try non-traditional options.

Bella arrived for her first Brain Body Balance™ session late. She plopped into the chair with a sigh, and blurted out, “My friend told me you could get rid of this sh__. I’ve had panic attacks for the past 70 years since I was 18 years old every morning when I wake up. So much so that my world has become limited. I don’t travel outside 3 miles from my home. Little good does that do, I still have them no matter. ”

A pinch of openness paid big time. After a few weeks, she had graduated from Brain Body Balance™. Fast forward a few more weeks, she booked a trip to Northern Europe by train, plane, auto and ship. That’s been two years now. Last week she celebrated her 90th birthday, two years panic free.

Brain Body Balance™ self help techniques use your greatest asset, your brain for an inside change. Your subconscious brain drives your life, what you think, feel and do.

Brain plasticity means your brain has the ability to change and make new neural pathways, new habits. Brain Body Balance techniques change your brain at the subconscious cellular memory level, deletes the virus and sets your life program free.

Change inside you, moves outside into your life without the expected wait or struggle. Self help techniques take minutes to learn, seconds to use, for lasting change.

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