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( — March 13, 2013) San Jose, CA — Nicole Jolie has been reviewed by Facebook Fans with 5-star reviews and is noted as being the “Best Social Media Marketing Strategist.”  And it’s no wonder why:  Nicole Jolie, a dynamic social media marketer has positioned Socially Smashing as a premier social media marketing strategy firm, creating a solid foundation to help her clients achieve a successful long-term social media marketing strategy: competition analysis is just one of the many professional services Socially Smashing offers.

When you visit Socially Smashing dot com you can get your free site audit and ranking report that gives you an overall look into how you rank against your competitors in your niche market.  After filling out the questionnaire on the website, that goes into great detail about your company, Socially Smashing processes your information creating an in-depth analysis of your website reporting how it ranks in relation to your competitors.

Socially Smashing focuses on the business owner who wants reputation management using a cohesive marketing and social media branding strategy.  Once you see the competition analysis you understand how important it is to have a consultation with Nicole Jolie.  These reports are the foundation to building a more cohesive brand strategy for businesses.  The business owner gets a complete dissection of their website discerning strengths and weaknesses within their niche market: they are detailed breakdowns of how the ranks with LBLO and SEO. 

Nicole Jolie created Socially Smashing out of her love for everything social media and mobile.  By infusing social media with third party apps that are used on Facebook to mobile applications and mobile websites, Socially Smashing creates a unique and complete strategy that her customers effectively and efficiently to build their brand with cohesion and continuity.

This competition analysis gives an in-depth view of how your business’s website is performing in the marketplace right now in relation to your competitors and where you can make changes right away.

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Nicole Jolie is the CEO of Socially Smashing, an online social media marketing strategy company. Her team helps clients work out where social media fits into their overall marketing plan and then helps execute the brand cohesive strategy across the most appropriate mix of social media channels. Nicole uses a progressive and scalable content approach then measures the results to your bottom line.

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