New Mexico Bonding Company Says Don’t Spend The Night In Jail! 24 hour Consultations Now Available

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( — March 11, 2013) Albuquerque, NM — New Mexico Bail Bonds LLC and its team have announced their 24-hour a day free consultations. Those in jail, or wanted on a warrant are free to call at any time to discuss their options for staying out of jail. The company also provides 0 down bail service, the first and only in the Albuquerque bail bonds business to do so.

“Got a warrant don’t go to jail call us first, cuz jail sucks!” says company Manager Angela Aranda, “Look we meet hundreds of people every day, on the phone or in person who are on their way to jail. But there are options, some say they can’t afford the bail so they guess they’ll have to go, though if they have some credit, we can help them.”

The 24-hour service is designed to provide flexibility to clients. It is designed in recognition of the fact people do not plan to get arrested and go to jail, and that arrests occur 24-hours a day. Instead of spending the night in jail, clients can call New Mexico Bonding to learn what options may be available for them in the way of bail bonding, to keep them out of jail, or get them out of jail fast.

New Mexico Bonding LLC, is a leading licensed New Mexico bail bonds company. Priding itself in providing the fastest most reliable ABQ bail Bonds services. The team at New Mexico Bonding is a leader in their field. They are the first and currently only company in New Mexico offering 0 down bail. The company markets itself under the slogan, got a warrant, don’t go to jail, call us first! Cuz jail sucks, and offers 24 hour a day free no hassle consultations for those on warrant or already in jail to determine their options for getting out sooner.



Angela Aranda, Manager

New Mexico Bonding

721 5th Street Northwest

Albuquerque, NM 871202