Private Investigator Phoenix, Quantum Investigations Offers Professional and Confidential Investigation Services in Arizona

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(  March 12, 2013) Phoenix, AZ — Although some individuals have turned to cheap online services when searching for a private investigator Phoenix, Arizona individuals, businesses and attorneys have another option – Quantum Investigators. This private investigation agency offers professional, confidential investigation services to Phoenix and central Arizona. In fact, the company has served clients throughout the United States and around the world.

 What makes Quantum Investigations stand out is their attention to detail in every case they take. Instead of working on multiple cases at one time, they focus on a single case at a time, focusing all their experience on each case to provide the best possible results. In a time when many companies work to provide the cheapest results, Quantum instead works to provide the best results when handling an investigation.

 Individuals and businesses looking for a private investigator Phoenix will find that Quantum Investigations provides many professional services. Some of the general services provided include due diligence, criminal investigations, surveillance, missing persons, civil investigations, domestic relations investigations, bug sweeping, insurance investigations and more.

 For both small and large businesses, Quantum offers private investigation services to help businesses effectively combat theft and fraud. Investigators with the company have a lot of experience dealing with missing persons cases as well and they specialize in finding missing persons that are difficult to find, no matter the reason they are missing or hiding. Previous clients have offered testimonials regarding the positive results this company has provided on missing persons cases.

One of the reasons this private investigation company is so successful is because their investigators are not afraid to get out in the field to get the results they need. According to Quantum’s Chief Investigator, Jeff Penrod, “The way that you find information is to dig, knock on doors and talk to a lot of people. The best information you get is by talking to people, period. You can check computer databases and public records, but that doesn’t take the place of beating the streets.” It is this philosophy that makes Quantum Investigations stand out to those seeking a private investigator Phoenix.

 Attorneys, businesses and individuals can enjoy a free case review from Quantum Investigations. Investigators are willing to meet individuals personally to discuss the case, offering more information on the services they provide, pricing information and more. Every investigation is confidential and handled with the professionalism that has become synonymous with the Quantum name in the Phoenix area.

 To learn more about Quantum Investigations and the services provided, contact the Chief Investigator, Jeff Penrod, at 480-835-8410. You may also visit the Quantum website at for further information. To inquire by mail, send inquiries to:

Jeff Penrod


530 E McDowell Rd Suite 107-295, Phoenix, AZ 85004.



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