QR Code Marketing Gets More Roofing Jobs

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(Newswire.net — March 12, 2013) Sioux Falls, SD — RoofersMarketingGuide.com is now offering a guide to help roofers learn about QR Codes and marketing online. Professional Roofers that are not using a QR code to market their roofing business are passing up sales to the competition. A QR Code must be on:

  • All vehicles and trailers
  • Yard signs
  • All printed material

 A QR Code is nothing more than a pretty looking bar code. People scan the QR Code with their mobile phone. The QR Code technology now is available for use by every sized company. You are seeing these everywhere. In restaurants, key chains, cars, buses, coupons, magazines just to name a few places.  

How are sales increased?

When homeowners start looking for a professional roofer they are looking at current roofing jobs being completed in the areas they travel, they are looking at trucks & trailers, and yard signs. The bottom line is that they are doing their homework. A QR Code helps them learn about the roofing business. It will help separate the savvy business leaders from the other roofers. Once they are scanned, QR Codes can:

  • Take you to a website
  • Show or send a text message
  • Show a phone number for customers and prospects to call
  • Show a virtual business card
  • Take you to a video

As the owner of a small business, you should be aware that the larger corporations are using QR Codes in their marketing more and more. Companies such as Home Depot, Target, Subway, Taco Bell and others are using QR Codes on a regular basis in their marketing strategies.

The beauty of using a QR code the right way is that people don’t have to wait to go home to their computer to sign up for something. They don’t need to write anything down or remember a phone number or some other information. They just scan the code and get the information they want. We have actually had the QR Code link to a video that allowed the business owner to introduce himself. That developing an immediate relationship and trust builder. Adding a QR Code to your marketing is a low cost option that can produce high results.

This Roofers QR Marketing Guide is a good start to learning more.

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