Shaving is Evolving – Harry’s Going Viral Being Mysterious

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( — March, 13, 2013) Niagara Falls, On — A new wave is gaining momentum in the pre-launch scene with links to a sign-up page for free shaving gear from Harry’s.  This new start-up from Warby Parker, the e-seller of cheap eyeglasses and shades as gone viral and has popped up on contest blogs, giveaway websites and Facebook newsfeeds everywhere.

Who is Harry’s Shaving Company?

Harry’s Shaving Company is the brand and trademark page for HARRY’S SHAVING COMPANY which was created on May 25th, 2012 by ADKM, Inc., an Corporation located at 78 Irving Place, #7A in New York, NEW YORK. ADKM, Inc. can be contacted at 212-430-3161, or .

The current marketing campaign during this pre-launch phase is simply a webpage offering Free Shaving Gear in exchange for an email address and some referrals.

According to the sign-up page, users who refer friends to the pre-launch page become eligible for personal grooming prizes ranging from shaving cream to complete shaving sets and a one year’s supply of new blades.  The page only mentions the US (with Canada coming soon) for shipping details and does not mention if shipping fees would be charged for the free merchandise.

All the traffic generated from blogs, sweepstakes pages and Facebook apps is directed to a pre-launch page which is very stingy when it comes to details as it touts the new shaving system as the “Evolution of Shaving”.  With the statement, “Harry’s is coming, Respecting the Face and Wallet, Since Like…Right Now.”

There are no clear indications as to when the launch of the products will happen or how the information will be transmitted once it happens.  Once an email is entered there is no confirmation of opt-in or participation receipts, but confirmation of referrals are displayed when a user returns to the sign-up page.  

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