China Sourcing Agency Remains Bullish On China

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( — March 12, 2013) New York, NY — According to a company spokesman, “Global companies in 2013 will invest more in outsourcing services that will enhance the customer experience and generate more value to drive new customers. A focus on value added production requires intimate knowledge of suppliers and their strengths and weaknesses, in order to best drive product innovation. Unfortunately, many companies give up on outsourcing to Chinese manufacturers given the hurdles that stand in their way”.

The spokesman said, “our China sourcing agent builds relationships with reliable global sources coming from a wide range of industries manufacturing a variety of products. For instance, the agent has established powerful connections with the trusted suppliers of electronic products, wood works or furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles and garments, plastic and metal products, computers, cleaning supplies and other products that are in line with your interest from the different industries in the global market.”

China Direct has been serving as a China Sourcing Agent for products, manufacturing and prototypes since 1982. The company serves as a working partner with eyes, ears and hands that can protect the client’s interests within the Chinese business environment. The company spokesman said they were eager to help firms provide value and innovation to match the new global trends.

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China Direct provides professional trade expediter facilitation services to assist American companies locate and import quality, price-competitive products in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and public service industries. Their vision is to be the worldwide leader in China sourcing services. They work relentlessly to help clients find the China products or manufacturing firm that is just the right fit.

China Direct works with hundreds of inventors and entrepreneurs, and can assist with prototyping services and new product development, and have seen client companies succeed and flourish throughout the entire product development life cycle. The company has imported products for stores, small online retailers, and wholesale distributors, and throughout the years have established relationships with trustworthy global sources in a broad range of industries. The company is dedicated to providing trustworthy manufacturing sources for products from A to Z, which is a key factor for a reliable long-term satisfactory relationship and mutual success.



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