Southern Bavaria – A Perfect Place for Holiday Trips

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( — March 13, 2013) Bavaria, GE — Southern Bavaria is among the best places to visit in Germany. This region is rich in tourist attractions that make it a good place for holiday and vacation trips for families, couples and groups of friends.

Southern Bavaria is also a good place to find cheap and best deals for hotel accommodations. There are different hotels located in the center of the said region and Hotel Fantasis Fussen is among the best and famous hotels located within the southern part of Bavaria.

Southern Bavaria is rich in different tourist attractions such as castles, lakes and churches. There are also some locations within the region which serve as the best places for those people who love biking and hiking. Families will also appreciate the region for providing them the best places where each member of the families can spend the time together. Tourists have different tourist destinations to visit in Southern Bavaria. When it comes to castles, Neuschwanstein is among the frequently visited by the tourists in Europe and it is just around 4 kilometers away from Hotel Sonne. Another castle that they can visit is the famous Royal Castle where the tourists can find the things that will remind them of King Ludwig II’s romantic story. The tourists may also visit Linderhof that is known as the desired palace of King Ludwig II where he spent most time of his life. Another castle that they can visit is the High Castle which is situated at the hill over the former town of Fussen. When it comes to mountains, tourists may go to Tegelberg, which is the mountain where the tourists will find enjoyment and experience. The panoramic scene from the mountain location will allow the tourists to reach the most enjoyable scene of tall mountains and view the attractive foothills of Alps. When it comes to lakes, the tourists can go to Lake Forggensee, which is also a tourist destination in Southern Bavaria. They may also go and visit Alatsee, which is the idyllic mountain-lake of the region which is around six kilometers in the western part of Fussen. There are also majestic churches that the tourists can visit. Some of these are the Wies Church and the St. Mang’s Parish Church.

Hotel accommodations and restaurants are also located within the center of the said region. The visitors may have more options to choose from when it comes to fabulous hotels such as füssen hotel.



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