Exclusive Interview with Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, Beacon Moment

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(Newswire.net – March 19, 2013) Salt Lake City, UT – Beacon Audio is proud to announce the release of the 33rd episode of their original series, Beacon Moment. Episode 33 features Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Filmed at the Columbus, Ohio music festival Rock On The Range, the two superstars share with fans what led them to a life of making music.

The Beacon Moment is an experience or series of events that changes the course of a person’s life. Each week a different artist tells the story of their Beacon Moment, allowing them to connect with their fans by opening up and sharing one of the most important moments in their life.

This week Andrea shares how music went from being just the soundtrack of his life to being the center of it. And while joining Lacuna Coil may not have been what made Cristina fall in love with music it did enable her to share that love with the world.

“I wanted to use my voice for something bigger.” – Cristina Scabbia 

About Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil is an Italian heavy metal band, who signed to Century Media Records in 1996. Combining gothic imagery and music, male and female vocal harmonies, and distinct guitar riffs with solid low-end bass lines, Lacuna Coil has crafted a sound and style enabling them to stand out in today’s music scene. As of March 2012, Lacuna Coil has sold over 2 million records. http://lacunacoil.it/

About Beacon Audio

Great music is more than just beats and lyrics, just as great headphones are more than just speakers and cables. Beacon’s mission is to create personal audio products that do more than just make noise. By combining high-quality sound with on-trend materials and styling we create products that provide a sense of identity in addition to giving a mind-blowing listening experience.

No longer do music lovers need to sacrifice quality for value. Beacon Audio is committed to creating products that have the best sound, feel, look, and function, all at an amazing price. We believe music is like oxygen – an essential element of life. So we take the experience of listening to music very seriously. http://beaconaudio.com

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