BST Power Reveals the Quietest Generators on the Market for Film and Entertainment Production Throughout Los Angeles

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( — March 27, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — BST Power has been providing the entertainment industry with economical and environmentally friendly generators and now they are becoming known as the company that offers the quietest generators on the market. Having generators that not only supply power but that also run with virtually no noise is essential to the entertainment industry and BST Power has a vast fleet of quiet generators that offer clients exactly what they need.

The BST Power movie quiet generators have been designed specifically for the entertainment industry because they are extremely reliable and quiet. The generators are powered by Cummins, Volvo and biodiesel engines and all burn clean fuels and are completely EPA Tier-3 certified. The generators are so quiet because they are housed in aluminum and feature automatic overhead exhaust vents in addition to exhaust silencers and two layers of acoustical insulation. Combined, these features offer the quietest experience anyone has ever had with a generator.

BST Power offers ta quiet generator along with their complete product lines of transportation equipment including trailers, trucks and the full range of cable packages and light towers. BST Power generators can be found at major production sites in greater Los Angeles and can even be shipped to sites across the United States. Entertainment giants such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Studios and Sony Entertainment use BST equipment on a regular basis.

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