Tim Glynn wins Recognition as the “Best Communication Consultant" in Nottingham during a recent international online semina

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(Newswire.net — March 27, 2013) Nottingham, United Kingdom – Tim Glynn has been recognized as Nottingham’s “Best Communication Consultant”

During a live online event attendees were asked for their views on the qualities of a good Communication Consultant and the results were very revealing. A laser beam focus on what’s required and speed of action coupled with an ability to communicate effectively were a few of the attributes that came top of the list.  It helped if they also had a pleasant personality.

It was no surprise then that Tim Glynn of Adodo Consultancy Services Limited was recognized as the “Best Communication Consultant” in Nottingham. A well known figure who has been helping individuals and companies for the past 33 years. 

The poll and eventually, the recognition as the “Best Communication Consultant” was created as a result of an intense debate started about just who in Nottingham would genuinely be able to lay claim to that distinction. In such an ever changing environment it is difficult to define the boundaries of a communication consultant. As in all cities there is intense rivalry between companies. Tim Glynn being recognised as the “Best Communication Consultant” in Nottingham doesn’t come as a shock. The result was thought to be well deserved by the webinar attendees.

Quickly after the seminar ended, after being acknowledged as the “Best Communication Consultant” in Nottingham, Tim Glynn appeared to be in sheer shock at the recognition but his usual smile showed the pleasure it gave him.

Tim Glynn was most likely recognized as “Best Communication Consultant” by industry peers in large part due to the variety of advice Tim has provided to local community organizations as well as businesses. As a recognized communication consultant who concentrates on how business owners communicate online and offline with their target audience to grow their business, claiming the official title was not unforeseen to a large bulk of people who participated.

When finally asked to comment, Mr. Glynn was cited as stating “To be truthful, I did not even know there was such a title but it’s nice to keep on winning. I’ve kept such a low profile recently that I’m surprised that people remember my name”. 

He was also overheard revealing “I work hard on my business, and am truly excited about what we are introducing in 2013. Hearing that people here in Nottingham have actually identified me as the “Best Communication Consultant” is not merely an honour, it is an absolute privilege. Thank you very much to all who took part in the vote”. 

Tim Glynn can be reached on 0115 9701471 at the offices of Adodo Consultancy Services here in Nottingham.

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