Marketing ROI Skyrockets for Oil and Gas Companies in North America

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Marketing ROI Skyrockets for Oil and Gas Companies in North America

( — March 28, 2013) Calgary, AB. —  Oilfield Directory proudly announces the launch of an updated website, iPhone & Android mobile app that will offer improved functionality, ease of use, reduce operating costs & downtime for oil and gas companies in north america, Asia and Europe.  Easier to find industry products and services, news, tool and equipment rentals, oilcareers and more.

The oil and gas website offers massive coverage by listing global oil and gas company information that is available to thousands of qualified buyers. Oil and gas companies interested in a company are able to contact the business directly by using text-message, e-mail, regular business phone or mobile. For example, if a company is looking for oil companies in North Dakota or more specifically oil and gas investment for oil companies in North Dakota the Oilfield Directory offers a category search or an advanced search. It is quick and easy for oil and gas companies to access the information in mere seconds.

“We wanted our updated website to reflect who we are: the best marketing services provider for oil and gas companies. We realize their requirements are always high and their quest for quality is important. Each feature of our website expresses our wish to achieve Excellence for our clientele”, says Scott Steele, Chief Executive Officer of Oilfield Directory Publications.

Advertising within Oilfield Directory works really well for oil and gas companies because a lot of people turn to the directory for contact information. Users who wish to invest in oil find the directory a valuable resource because many companies offer a description of the services they offer. It is like a snapshot of the oil and gas company. Users can quickly compare services offered by various companies.

Listings for oil and gas recruiters can be found on Oilfield Directory. If you are looking for pipeline jobs, offshore drilling jobs, refinery jobs, other oil company jobs or even more specifically oil and gas jobs Calgary this information can easily be found by contacting one of the oil and gas recruiter listings.

More and more oil and gas companies look to promote their business or organization to customers who prefer to search for information online. Unlike paper directories that are stale and out-dated as they come off the press Oilfield Directory offers companies the ability to keep their information current and fresh so that they keep their customers coming back.

Thousands of oil and gas companies are interested in reaching as many potential customers as possible. The website offers a number of new, exciting as well as inexpensive solutions to achieve this goal. Oil and gas companies who use the Oilfield Directory know it is the best resource available to the oil and gas industry.

Another key benefit of the updated website is that it allows users to evaluate and rate businesses based on their experience dealing with them. Businesses who advertise online have the opportunity to compare themselves with comparable businesses operating in the area. This enables a company to make a realistic evaluation of its products or services positioning, and an opportunity to improve its particular business approach if necessary.

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