R&B Neo-Soul Singer Damumalik Releases New Single "Surviving The Fall" Showcasing His Amazing Writing and Performa

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(Newswire.net — April 18, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — R&B Neo-Soul Singer Damumalik has announced that he has released his new single “Surviving The Fall” on Damu records. Damu’s production style has been described as being at once ethereal and atmospheric, while retaining a strong rhythmic pulse for pop-oriented music listeners. “Surviving” was self-produced by Damumalik and mixed and mastered by Groove-Phonic studios in Miami. Fans can pick up their copy for download at ITunes (see below for details).

Each new release by R&B Neo-Soul Singer Damumalik takes the listener further on a musical journey as the artist experiments with textures of sound that often remarked about as being unusual or unknown. When asked about people’s reaction to his musical style, Damumalik’s response was “I had no idea anyone felt that way — just try to put things together to express my innermost feelings in my music, and that’s how it comes out.”

Listeners responding to a questionnaire after hearing Damumalik’s music often selected the response indicating that the music made them feel transcendental or medititave, while also indicating a desire to move around or dance. Damumalik’s New Single “Surviving The Fall” was also indicated as a favorite.

This release, his new single “Surviving The Fall”, joins with Damumalik’s previous EP release of “Imagism” last year, which was also very well received by the listening community. In an independent poll, Imagism by Damumalik was selected as Neo-Soul EP release of the year. When questioned, Damumalik had this to say: “I had no idea there was any poll but I’m thrilled to have been selected. It just makes me more inspired to continue sharing the music that flows through me.”

When asked whether we can look forward to more releases in the near future, the producer/writer divulged his excitement over plans to release a new compilation CD this coming season, so fans can anticipate not having to wait too long for the next album release.

To pick up “Surviving The Fall” by Damumalik on ITunes:


To learn more about DamuMalik the artist, please visit his website at http://www.damumalik.com
email: damumalik@gmail.com

Mixing and Mastering by Groove-Phonic http://www.groovephonic.com

Author: Hugh Hitchcock

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