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( — 3, May, 2013) Boston, MA — is back with a new article detailing how the overall health is affected by the health of the colon and gut. The author mentions how probiotics are found naturally in the digestive system and are the good forms of bacteria needed to create a healthy balance in the system. They are found in probiotic supplements, along with foods like kefir and yogurt.

A healthy colon is often a vital indication associated with all around health and well being.  Approximately 90% of men and women experience digestive hassles every once in awhile; even though the unexpected upset stomach or even round of diarrhea isn’t unusual, repeated or more extreme instances might be a sign of a much more serious medical condition.  The good news is, scientific studies are indicating successful treatment using probiotics for gut and colon health.

Doctors have discovered about having a ratio of at least 85:15 of good to bad bacteria to maintain the ideal health in the gut and colon. Whenever this ratio falls, digestive problems are more common. Health professionals recommend to take between 10 billion and 25 billion of the colon forming units (CFU’s) of good bacteria every single day to reduce the effects that the bad bacteria has on the body.

The full article from eProbiotics pertaining to gut and colon health can be read here at launched in the March of 2013 as a new website offering detailed information designed to educate everyone online about how good bacteria will help to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and digestive system and helps to fight off many common ailments and illnesses.

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