Susie Good Is The "Best Mobile Marketing Consultant" In San Jose California

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( — May 6th, 2013) San Jose, California – Susie Good Was Formally Given The Name Of “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” In San Jose California.

Results of a current internet opinion poll in which responders were prompted to name “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” produced what some will probably point out was a fairly predictable result, entrepreneur an well known PR authority Susie Good was selected well over any other recognizable name in San Jose.

The opinion poll and subsequently, the designation of “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” was created just after an intense argument blossomed about just whom in San Jose would literally be able to lay claim to that distinction. In an attempt to keep the contest impartial to all residents, the opinion poll was performed on the net and the winner was determined by her marketing peers independently.

After commencing the poll, there was a intense contest for the title of “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant”, but after the results were verified, there was a clear and undeniable winner of the coveted title. Just after the poll ended, Susie Good was presented as the acknowledged “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” for San Jose, California.

Residents quizzed about the opinion poll seemed to have split reactions to Susie Good’s claiming of the highly sought after title, varying from sheer disbelief that one particular person could be so celebrated, to complete agreement over the choice internet marketing experts had made.

Good was most likely recognized as “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” by locals in large part as a result of to the contributions Susie has generated for neighborhood organizations marketing and advertising strategies. As a recognised PR specialist that concentrates on companies internet presence and promotion strategies, claiming the official title was not outrageous to a sizeable bulk of those who participated.

After the overall results were in, Susie Good was cited as stating “To be honest, I did not even realize that there was a opinion poll taking place at all. I’m pleasantly surprised that many people are aware of my name”!

Mrs. Good was also overheard explaining “I work hard on my business, and am truly enthusiastic about what I have happening in 2013. Hearing that people here in San Jose have actually acknowledged me as “Best Mobile Marketing Consultant” is not only an honor, it is also a privilege. Thanks a ton to all marketing peers that took part in in the vote”.

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