Debt Management Scams Making It Hard To Find Honest Credit Card Debt Help

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( — May 7, 2013) Irvine, CA — With thousands of Americans  battling major reductions or total loss of income and facing urgent needs for their families,  many have developed an over dependence on unsecured credit. In a state of financial emergency and desperately looking for credit card debt help, “the average consumer doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell” says financial consultant and consumer advocate Damon Day.

According to Day, who has personally helped more than a 1000 people navigate the debt relief landscape, the industry and advice available is generally riddled with scams, useless tactics, and programs set up to make money at the consumer’s expense. Fighting this predatory industry has become the passion and business model for Day’s financial consulting company.

Mr. Day is not alone in his allegations and the issue has been chronicled on news stations and talk shows nationwide. Even that public scrutiny has done little to slow down the financial machine that is credit counseling and debt settlement services. In Day’s experience, people with serious debt issues are an “easy mark” for scam solutions that sound very convincing and these unsuspecting people says Day “are just flat out vulnerable”.

“People at this point are in a highly charged emotional state frantically looking for answers and are engaged by an army of so called experts” observes Mr. Day. Trained to leverage consumer vulnerability and confusion they make fictitious promises to eliminate creditor calls, provide legal representation, and wipe out debts in 36 – 48 months. Stressed out consumers seem willing to do almost anything to relieve the pressure.

The really frustrating thing says Day “is that while people are trying to make some of the most important financial decisions of their life, they are getting advice from commission only sales reps that know absolutely nothing about finance.”  He observes that job descriptions for debt relief specialists openly state that “financial experience is nice but not required”! Ethical consultants like Day are in agreement. Beware of “free help” and easy fixes to complex problems.

Despite the terrible state of the industry, there are beacons of hope. “These guys are hard to find online but they exist” says Day. He recommends consultation with someone completely unbiased and not a salesman trained to prey on your emotional distress for a huge commission. Your financial advisor should become your advocate focused on your unique situation and only get paid on performance.

Day himself does not handle the actual settlements or negotiations. His goal is to provide honest straightforward credit card debt help, education, and guidance. He guarantees his advice can protect you from scams while saving you a great deal of money and frustration.  


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