The Speaker Exchange Explains The Process of Repairing Speakers- What You Should Know

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( — May 7, 2013) Tampa. FL — Many different things can happen to a stereo speaker, whether it be JBL, Tannoy, B&W, Eminence, or Electro-Voice.  Some of the more common occurrences involve its components.  These are comprised of the cone, the voice coil, the magnet, the foam, and the cabinet.


Depending on the region of the world and climate, humidity, ambient temperature can all affect the duration and life of a speaker’s parts.  For instance, Cathy Satin, one of the owner’s of The Speaker Exchange in Tampa, Florida, talks about the Gulf coastal states that as a result of higher humidity levels, there is more “dry rot” that can occur due to moisture.  Other areas and regions throughout the world that experience similar moisture in their surroundings might share similar problems. 


Satin explains some of the more common scenarios that might take place as speakers are shipped to them to evaluate and if possible or necessary, repair.  Fundamentally, speakers are essentially the same in construct.  With different manufacturers, there are of course nuances that vary, however in large part, they are pretty similar. 


Satin tells us about the process that The Speaker Exchange uses in order to analyze the status of a speaker’s condition.  They always test the speaker upon initially arriving in order to understand the scope and severity of any problems that might exist.  Some of the more common situations involve  the foaming and the cone of the speaker which can eventually dry out from the adhesive that attaches the cone and would certainly affect the sound and performance of the speaker if not attached properly. 


There are also different levels of expertise that speaker owners have that send in their speakers for repair.  Some Do It Yourself folks can capably handle the repairs themselves whereby they only need the kits or parts that they can do themselves, while some need a full service repair.  Either way, Satin welcomes their needs and has her company address any and all speaker inquiries that arrive. 


The range of size and types is quite vast spanning from large stadium speakers to night clubs, restaurants, and home usage.  For speaker repair needs and questions regarding service, contact The Speaker Exchange   

8217 N Nebraska Ave   Tampa, FL 33604   (813) 237-4800

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