Dr. Kiss, Author of Death by Natural Causes or Premeditated Murder, Under Attack.

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(Newswire.net—May 28th 2013) Geraldton, Australia.—Based on over two years of research, with the data being analyzed by applied Kiss Principle “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle” and Critical Reasoning “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_Reasoning” applications. Dr. Kiss a name bestowed upon Mr. Warren by his peers due to his abilities in problem solving and conflict resolution says it as he sees it. 

He states “Death by Natural Causes or Premeditated Murder reads like a conspiracy theory, but how many facts are required, before conspiracy becomes acknowledged fact?”  His research has led him over the last 70 years of scientific data from many sources, and his findings leave him with the knowledge that this information is not new in any shape or form.

He poses the question “If this information has been known for the last seventy “70” years, why are our governments, still using the causal factors”.  The current Chlorination methodology states Dr. Kiss is “one of the key destructive things Humanity does to the planet, it is insane. Not only is it one of the key contributing factors in disease, but it is critically affecting the whole food chain and the complete bio-sphere”.

My decision to tell the story as I have he states, is the data “especially” when taking into account the modern available alternatives for Chlorination, is so well documented that there is simply no acceptable excuse for Chlorination still being used. Dr. Kiss then goes on to say “I am no Doctor, nor am I a Scientist, or Politian, but if I can source this data, which has been carried out by world class scientists and researchers often even funded by government sources, then one should seriously consider why its use has not been terminated”.

This is the area of Conspiracy Theories and I express my opinions, the reader will of course form their own  opinions; the rest of the book is based on well documented scientific facts as to cause, effects, results from the effects, and what we can do to fix the damage already sustained, and protect ourselves in the future as individuals.

Death by Natural Causes or Premeditated Murder is Dr. Kiss’s first sojourn into the field of Health in a book form, and although he has written many articles in this field for various parties, none have covered the complete disease function. He states “the book is unique in the field of Health in the sense it targets the complete picture, in simplified terms that the average reader can easily relate to.”

Death by Natural Causes or Premeditated briefly touches on well publicized works for individual health areas, but its focus is on the main causal factors of disease. In my research I could not find authenticated information in any non-scientific publications, nor did I find anyone who had actually published the connective results.


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