Canada National Energy Board Doubles Inspections

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( — May 28, 2013) Calgary, AB — A key component of safety in the oil and gas industry involves inspection services. As investigators, inspection service technicians play a large role in ensuring safe development of natural resources. Using high tech equipment along with a trained eye they are able to solve problems before they happen.

One of the most familiar types of inspection is inspection of pipe and pipeline.  Skilled specialists will use a variety of inspection techniques. Inspection visual and video are both commonly used to find or determine any weaknesses that may cause problems. In the oil and gas industry visual inspection and non-destructive testing or NDT testing go hand in hand to ensure integrity of a joint. The goal of predictive maintenance and inspection services is to protect the environment, promote public safety, and reduce the economic impact of leakage.

To reduce risks and ensure safety and environmental protection, Canada is actively increasing pipeline and marine safety by,  “increasing the number of inspections by the National Energy Board for oil and gas pipelines by 50 percent annually to improve pipeline safety across Canada; doubling the number of comprehensive audits for oil and gas pipelines to identify safety issues before they occur; authorizing the use of administrative monetary penalties for violations of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the Nuclear Safety and Control Act and the National Energy Board Act. The penalties will range from $25,000 to $100,000 for each day of non-compliance.” notes Canada’s economic Action Plan website.

It is encouraging to note that safety inspections will be increased; in fact the website explains that Canada has also invested 35.7 million in a two year time period to improve Canada’s tanker management  systems. This has been done by “implementing new regulations to improve tanker inspections; improving aids to navigation, such as updated charts for shipping routes; and advancing research to improve scientific knowledge and understanding of marine pollution risks.” notes Canada’s economic Action Plan website.

Utilizing the latest in inspection equipment there are many inspection service providers who have the skilled personnel and technical expertise to minimize risks.

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