MicroShare Intl “Targeting Top Prospects” for Business Growth Explained

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(Newswire.net  — May 28, 2013) Barrington, IL —  Barry Schimmel And His Business Microshare Intl in Barrington IL explains “Targeting Top Prospects for business Growth “

Getting your business in front of more Targeted Prospects is easier than you would think. Our world today is digital. Facebook boasts approximately 1 billion users, YouTube generates more than 4 billion video views daily, and there are more than 150 million blogs online.

Comscore said there are more than 18 billion monthly searches conducted by U.S. internet users.   

Sales & Marketing Management Mike Weinberg wrote a great article on “The who and why questions that can narrow the field”. Read more

Barry Schimmel CEO of MicroShare Intl.  in Barrington IL, shared his perspective by explaining different ways you can “Target Top Prospects.”

When interviewed, Barry Schimmel stated, “The old days of doing cold calling, direct mail pieces or belonging to a networking lead sharing group has been proven to be an ineffective method to attract Top Prospects. To be consistently effective you have to have a systematic approach with at least seven touch points. But first you need to have your online presence ready to give your Top Prospect the best experience possible.

For example: You have to stand out from the competition, have an irresistible offer and have a great reputation that you can market. Next, your Web-Site should have the same conversation you would have with your top prospects. You should interview your best clients and put it on video on the front page of your Web-Site with current reviews from other clients.

Now you are ready to target your Top Prospects with these tools:

  1. Acquisition Email Marketing – These are lists you can lease to target Top Prospects
  2. Purchase mailing lists – Hoovers (Targeted by your criteria)
  3. PPC – Pay Per Click Ads – (Target where your top prospects spend time)”

Marketing expert Grant Polachek stated, “While these tools work they’ar not as simple as one and done. You need to touch your prospects seven times to close the sale”. If you want to expand your customer base, try narrowing your marketing message to focus on more specific customer needs rather than trying to convince everyone that you have the solution to their problems. Now you can focus on seven touches. Cold calling, direct mail, Email, customized post cards, face to face meetings etc.

Barry Schimmel left us with this, “Companies have to continually find new, better and more profitable ways to do things. They must have a systematic approach that attracts Targeted Prospects and turns them into paying clients.”



Microshare specializes in Marketing, bringing technology together with your business strategy and vision.

Today, businesses everywhere are struggling to change and adapt. Consumers are hanging onto their money in a different way, and they need a different level of relationship. Yet in the middle of it, technology has created some brand new opportunities to serve customers in a way you never before could.

There is a leverage in technology that can produce a personal impact, and a way to build a relationship to truly serve customers in an individual manner better than before. This can be executed in a fiscally intelligent way-to-do-business method that will expand their scope and MicroShare is here to guide you through this process.

Barry Schimmel can be reached here at his MicroShare Intl Marketing Agency.

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