The "Best Window Cleaning Company" in Flagstaff Arizona is Pine Country Window Cleaning

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( — May 29, 2013) Flagstaff, AZ — Pine Country Window Cleaning has recently been recognized as Flagstaff’s Best Window Cleaning Company. 

There was a recent Internet based poll to establish which company in Flagstaff would be given the prestigious award of “Best Window Cleaning Company in Flagstaff”.  With several window-washing companies in the Flagstaff and the surrounding areas, we had to take in consideration what customers are truly looking for in a window cleaning company.  First and foremost is always quality of work and how a company represents itself, but there were other determining factors.  Some major factors customers were looking for is availability to schedule an appointment quickly, price, friendly staff, an easy website to browse, and overall professionalism.

Of the online survey, nearly 90% of the customers said, “Pine Country Window Cleaning stands ahead of the competition because of their ability to schedule my home or business window cleaning within a few days.”  Customers also said, “We tried scheduling with other window cleaning companies in town and they want us to wait until June or July to schedule.  They said we should have called them 2 months ago!”   The ability to schedule customer’s window cleaning within a few days was the number one reason customers preferred Pine Country Window Cleaning to all the competition.

During the busy summer months in Flagstaff, many homeowners are looking for services to be done at a reasonable price.  Pine Country Window Cleaning has a policy of meeting or beating all competitors’ prices.  With this guarantee, how could you go wrong? 

Customers want a service company to perform their work and get out quickly while providing excellent quality.  Pine Country Window Cleaning does just this.  When talking to the owner, Dave Kaminski, he said, “We have a large staff of employees who really love what they do.  If we have a large home or commercial property that needs window cleaning we typically send as many as 6 or 8 guys to get the job completed timely.”  Customers expressed great satisfaction when a company can come and complete their job quickly.

According to the online poll many customers who used Pine Country Window Cleaning were very satisfied.  Most customers stated that they plan to use their services again in the future and they would recommend their services to the friends or family.  Recently a customer, Joy, called and left a voicemail saying, “Brandon and his crew did such an amazing job!  I was so impressed with his professionalism.  He was so nice and he represented your company very well.  Thank You!” 

Many customers in Flagstaff have large custom homes in Pine Canyon, Forest Highlands, Flagstaff Ranch, or Lockett Ranches.  These homes seem to be where Pine Country Window Cleaning excels.  Customers who had the largest homes mostly had the best reviews for their serves.  When asking Pine Country Window Cleaning how they provide such amazing service for these customers, they said, “We actually clean the Pine Canyon Clubhouse, Sales Center and Model Homes so we are in these neighborhoods all the time.  We’ve seen every type of home and window, so we really want our customers to feel as if their home is Brand-New when we leave.”

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