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( — May 30, 2013) Kailua-Kona, HI — Internet Marketer and author David Lelm now brings his new blog that includes some secret tips on how to earn extra money.

David claims the tips are based on detailed research and his personal experience regarding safe work from home opportunities. He says, “If you find your monthly salary not enough to meet your extra bills and regular requirement of extra cash, then these tips may help.”

One of the important aspects strongly recommended in his blog is about affiliate marketing. David states that affiliate marketing can be profitable online business if one gives proper attention. He also informs, “Initially, investment on affiliate marketing programs can be low because all you need to own is a website and some popular blogs.”

He adds that his new blog is not just about giving information on how to make online. It also focuses on how to earn extra money without using the internet as many people are still not computer savvy and they prefer offline techniques. The blog stressed on three things to make money offline, which are selling items that one do not need anymore, providing catering services and tax documentation services.

“I am not so friendly with online work from home opportunities, but Lelm’s blog on making extra money using offline methods was quite informative. I do cook and bake well and the idea to start catering services is cool,” says Jessica, homemaker in Connecticut.

Lelm states that everyone should conduct proper research before zeroing on a particular job that claims to provide extra money. He asked the followers to list down suitable jobs on how to earn extra money and plan on a workflow before starting using the list. Lelm has also announced availability of his latest book Ultimate Lifestyle Business for a limited period

About David Lelm: David Lelm is a resident of Kailua Kona and has been part of collusion repair sector for 45 years. He is presently an Internet Marketer and is an author of many books and blogs involving vital aspects of the sector. To learn more on his tips on earning extra money to ease financial worries, visit the link here now.



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