MasterChef Australia 2013 Hits Melbourne

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( — June 4, 2013) Melbourne, Australia — MasterChef Australia hits Melbourne this month for its 2013 series. Melbourne is known for its Arts Community and what better chance for Head Chefs to show us their Gastronomical skills.

Winter being the season when most activities are indoors in Melbourne, it is the perfect opportunity for restaurants to show off their culinary skills.  It’s not unknown for a show like MasterChef Australia to produce a plethora of diners seeking to savor succulent delights and fine wines.

Many with an insatiable appetite for fine food will only be satisfied by visiting one of the fine dining facilities that abound in Melbourne. Without mentioning names one only has to do a search for restaurants in Melbourne to see what surfaces in the results. But how do we choose. What offers will entice us to visit?

Well news articles such as these are one source as are the many food critic sites that are to be found online. Then again many of the criterion critics’ measure by are not exactly palatable to the average human being. Most critics are invited to dine for free in establishments that prepare for their arrival in my opinion.

And that’s a very good point. Enticement is what we humans enjoy and food is at the top of the list. How do restaurants entice? Geographical location, decor, reputation, word-of-mouth are all ingredients of the formula. A romantic interlude with an atmosphere set to sizzle, musicians, or even cultural settings are all part of the enticement.

And where do you get all of these without leaving your lounge room? Nowhere unfortunately unless you happen to be married to a culinary specialist, have a kitchen to die for and a house on Port Phillip Bay overlooking the water. But the MasterChef Australia series does a good job of bringing these to life in our homes.

Did I say in our homes? Well I suppose it does satisfy that desire in part but to really sink your teeth in you need to go visit one of the many fine restaurants the city of Melbourne has hidden away in places many are unaware of.

There are restaurants that congregate by The Bay and of course The Hills are home to many of the city’s’ finest. There is anything you want on offer as far as food variety. Being so close to the sea gives Melbourne restaurant’s access to the freshest food the sea can provide.

The many small and large produce farmers dotted across the peninsula provide access to freshest of garden delights. Creating a menu inspired by dishes featured on MasterChef Australia would be easy for any seasoned Chef.


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