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( — June 04, 2013) New York NY — Traders and investors around the world are very concerned about the mounting losses in their stock portfolios due to the current terrible economic conditions we now face and a total lack of fiscal responsibility from Washington.

These worried investors and traders are eager to learn new strategies by either purchasing trading courses, systems or by subscribing to trading advisories.

It’s obvious there is a growing demand in this niche and My Trading Empire shows affiliates the best trading products to present to this growing audience.

In celebration of it’s second year online, My Trading Empire is offering affiliate marketers their own professional Trading Resources blog for free to promote the many high paying advisories, courses, trading systems and trading platforms.

There are many referral programs for books, pet supplies, gardening, etc that pay very low commissions but the referral programs in the trading niche pay some of the highest commissions in the industry.

It is not clear why the trading niche is often not considered by new affiliates. Many just join the Amazon associates program and get paid 10% or less per sale which in many cases results in a commission of no more than $5.00 for selling a book.

On the other hand the best trading affiliate programs pay 25% to 50% commission and one sale could generate a good commission for the affiliate.

My Trading Empire makes it easy for affiliates to find the best affiliate programs for Binary Options, CFDs, ETFs, Forex, Futures, Gold, Options, Stocks and Trading Platforms to join and promote around the world.

Updates of new trading product launches and promotions are posted on My Trading Empire, Google +, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

New Launch Just Announced!

The Profits Run Options Course will pay 40% commission and is free to join.

Our Current Featured Programs

  1. Regal Assets pays a lower commission but the average gold investment is $30,000 to $50,000 so payouts are still excellent. 
  2. Etoro  pays either 25% revenue share or up to $200.00 cpa. They have clients in over 42 countries. 
  3. Market Authority  pays 40% commissions for all sales you refer.

All the affiliate and reseller programs on My Trading Empire are free to join and pay commissions either every two weeks or monthly.

For more information about the products you can sell in the trading niche and how to get a Free Trading Resource Blog please visit:

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