Natalie Jill Reveals How She Controls Celiac Sprue Disease

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( — June 4, 2013) San Diego, CA — Being a condition that causes damage to the lining of the small intestine which ultimately stops it from absorbing nutrients from food that are important for staying healthy, celiac sprue disease can make life difficult if the sufferer does not know how to properly maintain a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. However, the weight loss guru and fitness model Natalie Jill says that eating a whole, natural, unprocessed, gluten free nutrition packed diet helps tremendously in managing celiac sprue disease.

The first piece of information that Natalie shares, is the importance of a gluten free diet for celiac sprue disease sufferers. When eating a gluten free diet, the best thing to do is to only eat whole foods like rice, whole sweet potatoes or yams, gluten free oatmeal or quinoa, instead of the usual baked goods. Being a celiac disease sufferer means that one is gluten intolerant, and this also means that one has to pay very close attention to the ingredients when buying foods.

When reading the ingredients list on the package, check to see if the ingredients have anything that you cannot automatically identify, chances are with indiscernible ingredients the food is processed and may have gluten in it. Natalie also says that a raw foods diet has helped her to maintain a healthy weight and body. A raw foods diet consists of eating unprocessed, whole plant-based, “farmers market” type of foods that have been organically grown if possible.  A raw foods diet gets rid of the worry of eating gluten that is so often found in processed foods that are available in the grocery stores.

Natalie Jill says that “getting more green” in is also essential to a celiac disease sufferer, or anyone simply attempting a healthier and nutritious lifestyle. “Vegetables are your friend, they have great carbohydrates and you want to get them in as much and as often as possible,” says Natalie. If the taste of vegetables is a huge factor and vegetables are not a favorite, then another way to ensure that they are added into the diet is to mix them with fruit in a juice or smoothie to disguise the taste.

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