“SISEL International” Ranks #194 Out of All MLM Companies According To Alexa

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(Newswire.net — June 21, 2013) Spokane, WA — Sisel International is making a huge buzz in the eastern Washington area. In Spokane WA four marketers are already on their way to a major breakthrough in their businesses.

“Sisel International” Is A Multi-Level Marketing Company That Sells a variety of products such as anti-aging products, skin care products, bath and body and the list goes on and on.

Sisel has lowered their popularity by 6.88% according to Alexa. According to the stats by MLMRankings.com, Sisel ranked No.194 out of all the mlm companies.

Despite the decline in popularity, Sisel continues to rise in Eastern WA. Sisel distributor Kevin Heffley is excited about where the company is headed and the growth that is happening in Spokane WA.

Heffley said that he isn’t bothered by the decline in Alexa Rank at all “I don;t care if the Alexa Rank went down. My team here is growing, and it’s growing like crazy. Three of my downlines are just kicking butt. They each have over 30 people on their team. The popularity of “Sisel International” will rise up again soon. It’s just a matter of time.”

One of Heffley’s downline Shawn Olivaez agrees with Heffley. “Yeah, our team is growing like crazy here right now. I am going to build a huge organization down here. It’s going to be awesome.”

Olivarez believes that Sisel is going to be one of the biggest companies in the country. “Yeah, no doubt it’s going to be big. Our products are so superior. Our owners are amazing too.”

Olivarez’s goal for 2013 is to quit his job, and become financially free.

The other two distributors Mimchel Takamoto, and John Tudor also has the same goal with “Sisel International”.


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