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( — June 22, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Deborah Smith Ford writes an eclectic array of stories for NewsBlaze, covering “all things entertainment,” plus farm life, pets, and science fiction. Her main focus is on the entertainment industry, celebrity impersonators, actors, film festivals, musicians, bands, performing artists, writers, tattoo artists, and authors.

She originally grew up on an apple farm in upstate New York, and moved to South West Florida. In the sunny south, she and her hubby started out “tending” to chickens, cows and hogs, which explains her interest in farming. Currently they still “farm,” but instead of livestock, they have fruit trees – oranges, lemons, key limes, avocados and mangos.

From the age of three, Ford was intrigued with what happened behind the scenes of television and theater. In her teen years, she began pursuing formal studies that would allow her to earn a living and at the same time help prepare her to enjoy what she loved most – the entertainment biz!

In addition to marrying and raising a family, Ford earned a degree in elementary education as a teacher. That training, including her graduate studies in communications and acting, was put to good use as a shuttle missionary and it continues to help her now, as a speaker in schools and at special events on the subjects of reading, writing and acting. 

When it comes to recent behind the scenes, “Casting” is a screenplay Ford wrote for the film/TV organization, United Film & Television Artists.  She is also a UFTA officer, and will no doubt wear additional hats to help make their film project a reality.

Even though Ford does not write about herself in these areas, she finds she can relate well to others in the industry, and that is where NewsBlaze comes into the picture!

Stories by Deborah Smith Ford can be seen on her NewsBlaze profile page.

Creating articles and authoring books has been a positive fulfillment for Ford. Her first published book is the children’s book “The Little Apple” (in book, eBook and CD formats available at and other sites), followed by “The Little Goat in Africa,” to be published in 2013.

These are the first two books in a series called “Allie’s Adventures.” For more about Deborah Smith Ford Google or Tweet her, or see her websites, and You can also follow “Allie’s Adventures” on Facebook.

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