Charity Groups Under Fire For Ineffectiveness And Tax Evasion

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( — June 24, 2013) Geraldton, AU — Charity ventures are now coming under the spotlight by the AU Tax department due to public outcry by those tired of these vultures and their false pretenses.

As stated in the Sydney Morning Herald, “The federal budget will put a lid on the practice of so-called charities using their tax-free status to generate business income for no charitable purpose whatsoever” .

Charity organisations are supposedly humanitarian based, and people are now beginning to accept the truth behind many multi-national organisations pillaging resources meant for humanitarian needs, to fund their personal lives.

The current funding structure of most charity organizations is supported by donations, which are then a tax deduction for the donor. But little does the donor realise, by giving $1 they actually pay $2 due to additional tax concessions, which due to current tax laws, the registered charity is then able to spend as they choose, without declaring where the funds go.

This is not the worse complaint surfacing by far, the funding given in the hope that it will aid a humanitarian purpose are being redirected to fund personal executive jets, chauffeur driven limo’s, air conditioned penthouses and life styles more in the keeping of billionaires, as has been reported by various news services.

“The Family Care Organisation,” Mr Warren states, “is structured in what we term the new wave of consumerism, we operate under a win-win-win scenario, and we consider there is minimal need in this modern age for donations per sae.”

“It should also be noted: NO member of “TFCO” receives more than bare subsistence recompense for their services, we have deliberately structured this reality into our charter,” stated Mr Warren.

There are many organizations around which provide marketable services to generate revenue to furnish their charitable efforts, and from all reports actually achieve a much higher rate of service. Mr. Warren added, “for example ‘TFCO’ operates numerous websites which are created and serviced by the recipients of our services.

We act as the facilitator between the producers of product/services or we manufacture our own goods and then sell directly to the consumer, exactly like your local deli except all profits generated go into perpetuating the TFCO.”

The Family Care Organisation focus is on Neonaticide “murder of a newborn infant less than 1 month old”, the United Nations estimates between 1 and 3 million children each year die by Neonaticide.

“TFCO has fully researched this subject,” states Mr Warren, “typically the UN stats are estimates only, as around 3% of countries actually record death statistics on children less than 5 years of age. Some estimates go as high as 7 million infant deaths from Neonaticide each year.”

Nor is this situation only experienced in 3rd world countries, it is a historical global situation, which in most countries is not even considered a crime.

Research indicates the main causes affecting the mother “main perpetrator” which results in the deliberate murder of their infant to be mainly religious and social ostracism followed by economic reasons.

“TFCO takes the mother and child from birth and through in house training services supply both mother and child with a viable future. The full course is 12 months duration which due to our teaching methodology gives the mother the basic foundation to gain the required abilities too: A. Look after herself and child and B. Gain employment within the structure of the TFCO itself,” states Mr Warren.

The Family Care Organisation takes the long view, we leave it to Governments and World Religions to apply the Band-Aid treatments, thus perpetuating the status quo” Mr. Warren added. “It is worse than useless to merely feed and care for the masses; we need to teach them how to gain viability in their own right. As the saying goes do not just give a man a fish, teach him how to catch his own,” he further reiterated.

At this time TFCO is expanding its operations and is seeking support from other charity minded organizations, we seek educators in various fields, facilitators and free business offered services, such as computers, and web related services.

“For those who wish to donate funds, of course such will never be refused, but TFCO would much prefer if you used our websites to buy goods that you would normally source online,” Mr Warren suggest.

Mr. Warren further stated, “The whole world is in economic crisis, people should be seeking the most benefit from their money, both to themselves and others. Next time you buy a product or service online, ask yourself, “Are you achieving the best value with your hard earned cash or are you just furnishing the rich with more toys?”


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