Pricing the Cost to Paint a House – Voodoo Math or Science?

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( — June 24, 2013) Wesley Chapel, FL — Depending on the quality of the painting contractor and their industry certifications and qualifications, is a factor in the pricing differential in paint jobs.  Bonded and insured and a definite must when it comes to hiring, but interior versus exterior also can change in price.  Material costs and labor are probably the two largest variables that affect properly pricing a paint job.

$1.00-1.79 per square foot during this calendar year is perhaps the range most indicative of where the calculations have settled out. Certainly the demographics in the United States affect the pricing such as urban, Northeast, Southwest, or rural, but as an average, the painting cost calculator is pretty reliable. 

The cost factors that come into play are the preparation time and work, finishes, materials and components along with the setup which also includes mobilization from shop to client location are all tangible expenses that must be fairly assessed.  Depending on the role of the contractor also can affect pricing.  Supervision of a project by a general contractor as opposed to the actual painting contractor alter pricing.  A general contractor charges fees in supervising an exterior paint job of 12.1%-19.3%.  These costs are not generally included in the estimate and it is important to ask very detailed and specific questions regarding full details concerning items like this. 

Other related costs of a painting job can also be permitting or inspection fees that are a prerequisite to obtaining permission to conduct the work in the first place and last but not least is the sales tax on materials and supplies.  The cleanup portion of a job is very important and vital to keeping happy upon the completion of the work, however this represents real time and work required to complete a job.  

Such industry information is valuable for not only the prospective hiring client but also for the contractors that can utilize this method for calculation to be more accurate, competitive, and trustworthy as they bid jobs and rationalize their methodologies in valuing work that can be sought after or even passed up for non-economic justification reasons.

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