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( — June 25, 2013) Seattle, WA — Trade Schools Online has chosen the field of landscaping as their vocation to spotlight for month of June. is a website that helps interested individuals find information on community colleges, trade schools and other vocational training programs.

The website’s content editor Richard Owens said, “We thought that the field of landscaping was a perfect choice for the first month of summer. And landscaping is really a pretty cool area to look at because it consists of such a variety of individuals. Someone can get their first landscaping job without having any work experience whatsoever, and people can start their own business without making a financial investment. They can start with just a pickup truck and a lot of energy.” 

“While a lot of people working in this field haven’t had any formal training,” Hanson continued, “Most of the field managers, business managers and owners have. They find that it really helps to have some understanding of the different plants and materials you’re working with everyday.”

The Trade Schools Online site is open to any visitor who has questions about attending a vocational-technical school or community college. The website has information about schools and job training programs in every state.

“Like almost any job, working in a landscaping operation has its good points and its bad points,” Hanson concluded. “On nice days, you get to work outside in the sun, but you also have to work outside during the rain and cold too, performing physically challenging work. This job isn’t right for everyone.”

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