Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts Has Opened A New Florida Office

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 (Newswire.net — Jun 28, 2013) Orlando, FL —  Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts is pleased to announce that they have opened a new Orlando Florida Office to help people with dental emergencies reduce their pain and suffering.  

Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts spokesman said: “According to recent statistical reports and surveys, 72 percent of Americans have fillings, caps or crowns and one in six had a dental emergency during the past 12 months.”

Unfortunately, even with this huge segment of the population, most people are not prepared to deal with a dental emergency. One survey conducted by a company named Majestic found it interesting that those with a lower income (less than $35,000) were more likely to have had a dental emergency in the past 12 months (vs. 14 percent of those who make $100,000 or more).

Sadly, among those who had a dental emergency involving a loose crown/cap or a lost filling, 67 percent immediately went to a dentist, and 14 percent looked for a temporary solution to purchase, while 19 percent did nothing at the time.

The spokesman at Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts said that it’s a serious matter to do nothing about a dental emergency. “Some years back a news story covered the death of a 12 year old boy who died from lack of an $80 tooth extraction. The story that was published in the Washington Post said the final bill for hospitalization and burial came to over $250,000. It’s foolish to ignore a dental emergency and to be penny wise but pound foolish.”

Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts is pleased to announce the opening of a new Orlando office to help prevent tragedies like this from occurring.  The spokesman said, “Dental Emergencies are often extremely painful. In the past, many people would just accept that their tooth was gone, but now with the opening of our new Orlando Emergency Dentist office, it is now possible to save your tooth. Please keep in mind that you must call us within the first 30 minutes following the emergency, and we can find help right away.”

Dental emergencies can range from lost fillings, crown problems, broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, broken braces, protruding teeth, and emergency extraction. 

The Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts spokesman said, “A toothache can cause some of the worst pain you have ever experienced in your life. It can make even the simplest of day-to-day tasks almost impossible. Our Emergency Dental Orlando specialists are here to help get rid of pain quickly and easily. When you call us we can have you seen right away, and not in days like some other dentists.” 

To find out more about the services that Emergency Dentist Orlando Experts provides, please call 407-900-0082 or click here now: http://www.emergencydentistorlandofl.net/ 


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