Introducing Winny the Walrus a New Picture Book for Children

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( — June 30, 2013) Madison, CT — 4 Winds of Change Publishing announces the release of Winny the Walrus:Learn My ABC’s with her Sea Animal Friends, a new children’s e-Book available on Kindle devices. Author/Illustrator Cheryl Campbell has created a picture book for children to help young readers learn abc sounds while keeping their interest with a collection of intriguing and colorful sea animals. 

In Winny the Walrus, young readers are guided along on an undersea journey to visit Winny’s friends, Remy the Rainbow Fish, Kelly the Killer Whale, Ula the Urchin, and 22 other charming characters in their natural habitats. From A to Z, each page features one letter of the alphabet. In easy-to-read large print and a kid-friendly font, each letter is related to an ocean animal whose species name begins with that letter (ie Taffy the Turtle for the letter T), to help readers learn abc facts. The “sea animal friends” each have a first name, like Debbie the Dugong, to make them more personable and appealing for young readers. 

Every page of Winny the Walrus features one of Cheryl Campbell’s full-page engaging illustrations in vibrant, inviting colors. Eye-catching underwater scenes offer young readers up-close and personal looks at fascinating sea creatures. Even after a child has learned all of the letters of the alphabet, they will want to return again and again to look at the delightful illustrations and learn about the animals there.

Buyers who download the Winny the Walrus e-Book on Kindle also have access to the accompanying mp3 audio book, narrated by the author. Children can read the eBook along with the narrator, learn abc sounds, hear the correct pronunciation of the animals’ names, and also discover interesting facts about the animals shown on each page.

4 Winds of Change Publishing is an independent book publisher based out of Madison, CT.  With the belief that story has the power to encourage, inspire and educate their mission is the creation of high quality books exhibiting the potential for true life change. Winny the Walrus is the first in a series that will teach children a variety of “lessons” in a fun and creative way.



Cheryl T Campbell, 4 Winds of Change, LLC

537 Summer Hill Road, Madison, CT