Neuracel Introduces Its Latest Drug to Alleviate Neuropathy Pain

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( — July 1, 2013) Boise, Idaho — One of the most widely prevalent nerve disorders, neuropathy actively affects millions of people around the world. According to a study compiled by the Neuropathy Association at, diabetic neuropathy, a common form of neuropathy, affects around 60 to 70% of all Diabetics globally. With the number of patients being so high, it is obvious that there is a need to deal with the menace that neuropathy is in a stern manner. The symptoms of the condition do not only cause physical pain, but their intensity results in severely limiting one’s productivity as well. Furthermore, to make matters worse, the complexity of neuropathy calls for expensive treatments that take quite a toll on individuals financially as well. However, the introduction of Neuracel’s Ultimate Neuropathy Support System brings renewed hope for those suffering from neuropathy.

Neuracel’s Ultimate Neuropathy Support System

Neuracel’s Ultimate Neuropathy Support System is an entirely natural product specially designed for managing the symptoms of neuropathy. The product consists of natural herbs including Prickly Ash Bark, California poppy, Lobelia, Corydalis, and Passion flower. While the use of herbs is partly responsible for the effectiveness of Neuracel’s latest drug, it is the combination of these ingredients that proves to be the difference. With the use of the unprecedented combination, the product works to reverse the damage inflicted on the nerves by neuropathy and in the process ensures that the condition is fought from the root. In addition to this, unlike other products designed for neuropathy, the Ultimate Neuropathy Support System has no side effects at all. Therefore, the product is not only effective, but it is also extremely safe to use.

About Neuracel

Leading the fight against neuropathy, Neuracel continues to bring hope to neuropathy patients with its range of top quality products. Through intensive research, the company has managed to establish itself as one of the leading producers of herbal medicine. For more information about the company, visit