Google Virtual Tours Grow With The Recent Addition of bodyphlo in Anchorage

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( — June 30, 2013) Anchorage, AK —  Google has become so much more than just a search engine.  With their Android platform competing head to head with Apple’s iOS and even making physical phones, tablets and laptops that are also taking a bite out of Apple’s market share, who knows what they’ll create next.  One of their newer technological offerings was recently adopted by [bodyphlo] here in Anchorage; the use of “Business Photos” as an extension of Google Maps to create a virtual tour of a business.

Many people in Anchorage already know all about [bodyphlo], the retail shop that caters to those people looking for high end clothing, shoes and accessories in the dance niche as well as yoga, pilates, zumba, running and general fitness related men’s and women’s activewear.  However, it became obvious that there are still some people who have not yet realized that what was formerly known as Action Apparel has completely changed to a new business with a new owner, new location and most importantly, and entirely new feel.  To make things more accessible to the uninitiated, bodyphlo announced that they now have a virtual tour of their retail space available online.

“We wanted to make sure everyone really understood what the new store is all about”, says owner Bettina Chastain.  “Action Apparel was a name than people knew about for years here in Anchorage, but it no longer exists.  If someone is wondering what [bodyphlo] is about, now they can easily have a look simply by going to our facebook page and clicking on our virtual tour.”

Chastain hopes that anybody that has wondered about her business but hasn’t taken the opportunity to actually come and visit in person in will feel inspired and excited by what they see online. She hopes this will lead them to come in for a personal visit.

There has been a lot of chatter about the use of these tours and other Google efforts in various online forums.  While some ‘techies’ have less than glowing opinions about Google in general, Charity Blanchett, the store manager for bodyphlo, says that the responses she has heard from customers has been nothing but positive.

“Everyone who checks it out loves it” says Blanchett.  She says that quite a few regular customers have sent the link out to their friends who hadn’t yet visited via the store’s Facebook page, and she knows for a fact that it has brought in some new customers.  

“People really appreciate the effort we put into creating such a vibrant, fun and healthy atmosphere here in the store.  Seeing that online makes them eager to come in to do their activewear shopping here, which is exactly what we had hoped for.”

If you would like to check out the virtual tour yourself, just visit and then type  “bodyphlo” into the search box.  Applying this Google technology to your business could start bringing new people in the door for you, too.



Charity Blanchett – Manager
Address: 1002 W. Northern Lights Boulevard Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 276-1464