Green Coffee Beans Offer Help to Lose Weight for the 246,000 People That Search Every Month

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( — July 3, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — For the quarter of a million people that are desperately searching for help to lose weight every month, there has been a discovery that has been around for centuries.  Scientific research has recently discovered that Chlorogenic Acid helps to promote weight loss, while providing additional benefits..  

There are a lot of plants that contain Chlorogenic Acid, however, none of them contain a higher concentration of Chlorogenic Acid than Green Coffee Beans.  The coffee that people drink every morning has been made with roasted coffee beans for a deep roasted flavor. Green Coffee Beans are the same beans, they have just not been roasted. The green coffee beans are the raw coffee bean, in its natural form. The roasting process of the coffee bean destroys the Chlorogenic Acid, along with all the weight loss properties of the coffee bean.

Green Coffee Beans provide help to lose weight both reactively and proactively to rid the body of fat, by slowing the body’s absorption of fat and improving how the body metabolizes fat. The Chlorogenic Acid which is a key compound, is a natural phytochemical that restricts the flow of glucose into the blood, especially after eating. It’s believed that the lower levels of glucose contribute to weight loss.

Green Coffee beans also increase Serotonin levels, which provide help to lose weight for emotional eaters by enhancing their mood, along with suppressing their appetite.  An additional benefit is the fact that the extract of the green coffee bean burns stored fat, which is called thermogenesis. Green coffee beans also help to prevent the formation of new fat cells, because of its antioxidant properties.

If you are one of the quarter of a million people that are searching for natural help to lose weight, then make the switch now from roasted to raw, natural green coffee beans.  Natural green coffee beans also come in an extract weight loss pill for people with busy lifestyles.