Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies Featured on New TFCO Website

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(Newswire.net — June 7, 2013) Geraldton, AU — The Family Care Organisations (TFCO) new website, http://cures-from-nature.com has been recently launched. It is one of the six sites that TFCO will be running in order to raise funds for its program for single mothers and newborn infants. The new website gives information about natural cures and also promotes products that are considered as natural cures, including urinary tract infections remedies.

“I have been studying natural medicine for years and I have found home remedies to be safe, less costly and seldom to have any side effects,” stated Daniel Warren, CEO of TFCO.

“To some, urinary tract infections sound hard to cure but dealing with it is very simple and cheap. All you need to do is to drink lots of clean non polluted water. Water washes the dirt from your body and urinary tract so that it can clean as it leaves the body. It is simple, just keep on drinking water until your urine becomes clear,” added Daniel Warren.

The TFCO is now promoting products on all its websites, this is one considered as a natural urinary tract infection remedy. “Through our new website, we hope to share with you our experience using natural remedies,” he stated further. Numerous of these informational products are now displayed on the website.

Mr. Warren also stated that aside from information about natural remedies, the website also discusses ways to prevent catching things in the first place. These include proper diet, good hygiene, and healthy habits.

“The articles on the website http://cures-from-nature.com are well researched and most of the recommended natural treatments have been tested and proven by our staff themselves over the years.

“We aim to help the general public find safe and inexpensive natural remedies, no matter their complaint.  By visiting our websites and patronizing the products recommended on them, you are also helping millions of single mothers and their infants who are the major beneficiaries of all profits generated by the TFCO websites,” Mr. Warren stated.

In the past years, Mr. Warren has occupied himself studying natural cures and healthy living in general. His book about guarding our health by ensuring that water used every day is safe was launched last May of this year. Entitled “Premeditated Murder or Death by Natural Cause”, the book presents data on the safety and cleanliness of the water supplies today and the ill-effects of this treated water on our health.

“All the proceeds of the sales of my book also go to The Family Care Organisation. You buy the book and you are directly contributing to mankind’s good, especially your own family as well as single mothers and their infants,” Mr. Warren declared.


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Author: Edward Morrows G+