Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Weight Loss Coach Weighs In

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( — July 16, 2013) Springfield, VA — Founded in 1993 AdvoCare  is a U.S. based company specializing in weight loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.

With over 70 different nutritional products and hundreds of endorsers including professional athletes the likes of Drew Breeze and medical professionals including the popular Dr Oz, the company’s continued growth is no surprise.

Among their most popular product packages is what Advocare calls the “24 Day Challenge”

According to the company’s website, the diet plan starts with a ten day “Cleanse Phase” followed by a “Max Phase” lasting 14 days encouraging energy and weight loss.

The “Cleanse Phase” consists of their Herbal Cleanse, OmegaPlex and AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink Mix. This phase is designed to “rid your body of toxins and prepare your body to better absorb nutrients”.

The “Max Phase” uses their Metabolic Nutrition System – MNS, Meal Replacement Shake and the AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink Mix which claims to “provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness”.

Those descriptions sound impressive but how good are these products and what kind of results can you expect?

To answer that question we caught up with Gregg Kellogg a registered nurse, professional health coach and owner of

Kellogg explained that the keys to achieving one’s ideal weight, optimal health and a high level of fitness lay on the “foundation of good nutrition, proper exercise that’s congruent with your goals and proper mind set”.

When asked how AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge supports that philosophy he responded; “Nothing can take the place of that foundation, however, I have found that high quality products including proper supplementation can help deliver optimal nutrition to the body allowing better utilization of those nutrients which allows the body to more efficiently use fat for fuel while accelerating gains in overall health and fitness”.

Kellogg continues, “At my goal is to give my readers the best information and strategies I have acquired from over 20 years of experience in the areas of weight loss, optimal health and fitness.”

He also explained that no matter how dramatic the results may be using the 24 Day Challenge, long lasting permanent results is also a commitment to a lifestyle strategy of consistent thoughts and actions that support an individual’s personal goals.

Also available with the program is downloadable assessment and tracking forms, videos and an exercise DVD “Can You 24” to use throughout the 24 days.

Whether this is the right program for someone wishing to lose weight quickly or shape up in record time is impossible to tell. However, one thing is certain: AdvoCare is doing something right as it continues to grow with sales in excess of USD 100 million and thousands of satisfied customers.  

For more information including a review and complete details of how to implement AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge, gives advice and tips on how to get the most out of this program including free coaching via their website.