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(—July 24, 2013)  Tampa Bay, FL—Hormone therapy is a much bantered about controversial topic amongst the medical profession today.  Traditional doctors are not supportive while holistic doctors strongly recommend them when it comes to their patients.  Carol Roberts, MD talks freely about this topic particularly with regards to the aging process.  As we as human beings age, many things happen to both women and men during the process. 

Women suffer bone loss and strength within the first five years post menopause while also experiencing changes in the skin, hair, and internal organs.  In order to combat this, Roberts prescribes “bio-identical” hormones for her patients.  A bio-identical hormone is chemically identical to human hormones but are created in a laboratory and derived from natural plant sources.   Roberts, herself has been on human hormonal therapy for many years and credits this to her vitality and youthfulness.

In Europe, there has been much studied about this therapy especially with regards to its effect on cancer.  They seem to have surmised based on their findings that the use of holistic hormonal therapy does not raise the risk of cancer and might even suggest that it lowers the risk.  Roberts mentions that there are human hormones that exist in the environment and actually “tickle the estrogen receptors” which left unprotected, can be harmful in leading to a higher cancer risk.

Armed with this knowledge, the application of properly supervised hormonal therapy can bring back so many aspects of a woman’s life i.e. sex drive, youthful figure,  along with ambition, vision, and enhanced sleep patterns.  Women however are not alone in this quest for maintenance of youth and vitality.  Men experience a deterioration of hormones also and undergo “Andropause”  or male “meno-pause” whereby there is a loss of testosterone and can be equally as devastating an experience. 

Roberts makes reference to the Yin Yang concept of balance where both sexes require a fine balance of their hormones.  Men need a bit of estrogen as women also need testosterone, particularly for their libido and bone strength.  Net, net, the understanding of hormone therapy as people age and grasp onto the “Fountain of Youth” can actually attain some of that back and therefore happiness and fulfillment in so many important ways.  Good Medicine, is a book that Roberts authored and contains much information pertaining to this interesting and valued topic.

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