City of Lenexa is Rewarded for Energy Conservation

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( — August 26, 2013) Lake Worth, FL — Through the use of energy efficient technology, the Lenexa City Hall has significantly reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. Specifically, the lighting technologies implemented into the building have met and exceeded the requirements of the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPAct) certifying it as an “Energy Efficient Commercial Building.” Through the EPAct Gives Back™ program, the City has been rewarded for its initiative and stewardship.      

Implementation of energy conservation initiatives demonstrates the City of Lenexa’s strong commitment to energy efficiency and cost avoidance, which benefits the local tax paying community.  The lighting systems installed in the building will save tax payers more than $28,000.00 per year in utility costs. The reduction is equivalent to reducing City Hall’s carbon emissions by 445,658 lbs. (223 tons) a year. This is also equivalent to the City of Lenexa reducing electricity used by 30.3 homes for a year or reducing 75.7 tons of waste.

City Hall went through an intense engineering analysis and inspection process in order to meet all the requirements of the Energy Policy Act, administered by Walker Reid Strategies, Inc.  As a result, the City received certificates for its achievements in Energy Conservation. The City of Lenexa’s commitment to green building retrofits using lighting technologies is admirable and an example to other institutions.


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The City of Lenexa was founded in 1869.  Lenexa is a well-planned community located about 12 miles south of Kansas City, Mo. The 34.3-square-mile city has a resident population of about 47,000, with a similar number of people who work there. Lenexa enjoys a healthy business base and is considered a city of choice for a variety of high tech and bioscience companies, as well as a number of national and international headquarters.


About Walker Reid Strategies

Walker Reid Strategies is a Licensed Engineering Firm that specializes in the EPAct 2005 §179D Certifications. The Firms staff administers the EPAct Gives Back™ program and oversees all engineering analysis and inspections required. Walker Reid is headquartered in South Florida and is committed to the development of sustainable buildings and reducing America’s Carbon Footprint through Energy Conservation and the 2005 EPAct §179D Incentive.  

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