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( — Aug 30, 2013) Portland, OR — Oregon Online College, a new web-based college student education resource website, is open for business.

The web site assists students who are looking for good colleges or vocational training options in Oregon.

“Oregon is home to some really great college choices,” stated the site’s publisher Denise Campbell, “I think that the quality and accessibility of the public universities are especially strong in our state.”

The site explains the education alternatives available to people who are curious about pursuing a higher education diploma through either one of the traditional local campuses or through online classes at a school outside of the state.

Campbell thought that while the public colleges are a great bargain for in-state students, they may not be such a bargain for out-of-state students. “Out-of-state students end up paying a lot more for our state colleges than local residents do,” she said. “There are just a few exceptions. A few state colleges, such as Portland State University, will accept residents from some West Coast states and offer them a break on out-of-state tuition.”

Campbell additionally explained that her site is not restricted to just Oregon residents. “Out website is open to anyone who wants to come,” she continued. “It is really made for anyone who is considering attending an Oregon school and is interested in learning a bit more about them. There is no cost to using the site, either.”

“Deciding which university to attend is a big decision,” Campbell concluded, “And I really think that some of these Oregon schools deserve consideration, especially from residents of the Northwest.”

About Oregon Online College is a new website which is dedicated to discussing higher education topics and vocational training in the state of Oregon. To get more information, visit

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