Blue Rose DesignPDX Introduces Full Responsive Design For Websites

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( — September 8, 2013) Portland, OR —  Blue Rose Design PDX Introduces Full Responsive Design Integration for All Website Packages

To capitalize on the fact that responsive websites perform better on tablets and smartphones, the company is integrating the technology into a range of website development and design services.

Citing the growing number of mobile users of client websites, Blue Rose Design PDX is integrating responsive website design into all package offerings to augment SEO and user experiences.

Since its founding by owner, Debbie Arthur, Blue Rose Design PDX has provided website design and development services that utilized the newest technologies to ensure optimal search performance. This meant the use of WordPress for most client websites, with customized themes and plugins to improve SEO performance for those clients.

In recent years, the company has noted a growing trend toward mobile use of those websites. “In the last few years, the percentage of users on client sites from tablets and smart phones has exploded, to the point that we knew responsive design was the next major frontier,” says Arthur. “I personally feel that without responsive design integrated into a WordPress installation, these sites will lose the attention of as much as 20% of all visitors.”

According to a ComScore survey, more than 36% of US mobile phone users used a browser to access website content on their mobile device. That number continues to increase year after year as more users purchase tablets and smart phones. Websites not optimized for mobile viewing subsequently are ineffective at converting visitors from these devices. “We see this trend continuing and urge out clients to take advantage of the opportunity it provides,” Arthur says.

In the near future, Blue Rose Design PDX will continue to offer mobile design services with responsive WordPress websites for their clients. The goal of the move toward responsive design is to provide a universal web-based platform that encourages engagement from all types of users, especially as these mobile-focused trends continue.

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Since 1996, Debbie Arthur has been creating the top UX designers that design and develop services for websites using the newest available technology. Today based in Portland, OR, Arthur owns and operates Blue Rose Design PDX, providing mobile responsive, WordPress-based websites for Non-profit organizations and local businesses in the United States.

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