Bolder Band Headbands Fuels the Colorado Springs Color Run

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( — September 12, 2013) Canon City, CO —  The Color Run, touring everywhere from Austin to Australia, will be arriving in Colorado Springs, on September 14th to bring you 5 kilometers of color chalk filled fantasia. Bolder Band Headbands, creator of the perfect cross-fit running headband, will be supporting runners every step of the way.

Show your true colors in the Colorado Springs Color Run where runners start at the line wearing all white t-shirts, shorts and headbands only to be plastered with powdered chalk  thrown everywhere and on everyone. The race begins and ends at America the Beautiful Park (126 Cimino Drive in Colorado Springs).  The start window will be open at 8:00 am with waves going approximately every few minutes. Runners and spectators are invited to come early and do some team stretching before the run and join in the pre-race party!

The Color Run event has gained enormous popularity.  The race Founder and CEO Travis Snyder said  “The Color Run Tour has quickly spiraled into the largest 5K series in history. We are thrilled to share this wonderful and surprising global sensation with the entire world.” Snyder continued, “This run not only allows you to have an amazingly fun experience while exercising with friends, but also run with a new sense of philanthropy because the Color Run works directly with the Global Poverty Project ( the nonprofit behind global citizen, the Color Run’s global charity partner”.

Bolder Band Headbands is proud to accompany the Colorado Springs run in fighting global poverty in what seems to be the perfect partnership. Bolder Band Headbands, a small business created by Amy Crouse to share the Bolder Band, a simple solution to headband discomfort, with like minded health conscious women across the country. The Bolder Band Headbands itself was a passion derived from a drive to improve the world around her.  “I am a cross fitting/running mom of three amazing kids and married to the love of my life. I really enjoy working out but could never seem to find the right thing to hold my hair back.” Amy Said, “ Every name-brand elastic head band would pop off my head in the middle of my workouts. I got fed up with the interruption of the headband every third burpee and decided there had to be a better alternative.”

But now she looks to extend her help to a global effort, and saw the perfect opportunity to give back to the world by supporting the Colorado Springs Color Run, a way that was exactly in tune with the idea of Bolder Band Headbands.

More race information can be found at the Color Run Website

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