AMG Services Helps Create American Jobs

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( — September 15, 2013) Miami, Florida —  Construction of a new plant in Escanaba, Michigan is being overseen by AMG Services Engineering, working with Omya and NewPage. The Omya Region Americas Precipitated Calcium Carbonate plant will be constructed near the Escanaba NewPage paper mill. The new plant signifies a long term partnership between NewPage and Omya. Gadgets Made Simple explores the impact and purpose of the new plant in a recent article.

According to the article published on, seven jobs will be created by the new plant.

Dan Lewis, an editor of Gadgets Made Simple, commented on the article, “This construction shows that not all of the technical jobs in American are gone. There are still tons of people moving into the service industry, but we are optimistic that more and more people will rediscover the importance of maintaining industrial and manufacturing jobs in America. The really important significance of this new plant is that the materials for the paper mill will be made in America, instead of imported from South America or China.”

The recently published article states that NewPage uses a supplier besides Omya for Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) at present, but with the completion of the mill will turn to Omya for one hundred percent of its PCC supply.

The technology blog also highlighted the environmental benefits of the new plant. The new Omya facility will make use of carbon dioxide that the paper mill normally emits as a waste product, thereby lowering the carbon emissions of the NewPage mill. The on-site manufacturing of PPC will also avoid the environmental impact involved in shipping in industrial materials from overseas.

The editors of Gadgets Made Simple stated that they will be monitoring the construction news and provide updates to readers as they are available.