Nutritionist in CT Makes Weight Loss Treatments Affordable

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( — September 18, 2013) Stamford, CTOne of Connecticut’s best quality Weight Loss specialist, Dr. Grisell Paz, located in Stamford, CT, has decided to give back to the community by letting patients save up to 30% on Weight Loss programs, equaling as much as hundreds of dollars in financial savings! “The Stamford residents have been so good to us, we really feel we ought to be giving back”, states Dr. Paz.

The Nutritionist and staff of professionalssafest and most effective medical weight loss program designed specifically for her patients. Dr. Paz’s patients get a Five Star treatment in a warm, friendly and pleasant environment.  The group’s staff members speak English and Spanish and take pride in delivering exceptional treatments to patients and promote enhanced health through educating her patients on the proper attention to their bodies. “Visit the team to always keep your body healthy, and looking great. For a very limited time, you can save up to 30%, which means saving hundreds on Weight Loss and Nutrition.”

The “Nutritionist In CT Extravaganza” as some people have often called it, starts on September 17, 2013 and ends on December 30, 2013 just in time for the holiday season. The group hopes to display appreciation to all patients and their households, friends and neighbors. “I first started my office years ago, but we didn’t realize how to give back to the community, so we decided to help save them money on all treatments, including Weight Loss and Body Contouring Treatments. I’m additionally giving away no-cost consultations for Individualized Programs”, Dr. Paz said. This Weight Loss and Nutrition Office has had, and continues to have, many loyal patients and they really wanted to do something special for the Stamford community.

Dr. Paz has had the Medical Weight Loss Center CT at the same location in the community for many years. She had several great websites built so her patients can stay informed about the times since increasingly more of her patients are using social networking. She had a unique website designed for the “Body and Health Appreciation Extravaganza” in order to help patients find out more about the savings.

Dr. Paz’s practice focuses on medical weight loss services including LipoLaser Body Contouring Treatments, Cavitation, Radio-frequency and more.

Dr. Paz has received extensive post-graduate training including The Atlas Orthogonal Technique with the RW. Sweat Foundation, Sports Medicine, ART certification, the Carrick Institute Neurology Diploma program, DABCI internal disorders, and Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Paz completed her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and her Doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Arts in Psychology with a minor in chemistry from Wichita State University in Wichita, KS.

Contact her and claim your discount at (203) 437-4334 or visit her website at

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