Mag-Tab SR Publishes Magnesium Supplement Comparison Data In New Site

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( — September 19, 2013) Southlake, Texas —  Niche Pharmaceuticals Inc. Is pleased to announce the publication of magnesium supplement comparison data that anyone considering taking a magnesium supplement should read on their new website. Mag-Tab SR is a sustained release tablet that has many advantages over other types of magnesium supplements.


According to a spokesperson for the company, “The sustained release technology used with Mag-Tab SR has several advantages that consumers should be aware of. Our formulation does not cause cramping and diarrhea, which are common side effects of many magnesium formulations. In addition, the body is better able to absorb and use the magnesium in our product because it is released into the bloodstream at a slower rate.”


The comparison data that has been published compares factors such as the type of magnesium found in the supplement, how much actual elemental magnesium in each dose, solubility, absorption, bioavailability, and how many tablets one must consume to reach the recommended levels. This information can be important for a variety of reasons, not least of which is how well one is able to swallow tablets and oral medications.


For more information about Mag-Tab SR magnesium supplements and/or to view the comparison data directly, interested persons are encouraged to visit Members of the press and/or other interested parties may obtain additional information by contacting the following:

Niche Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

580 Commerce Ste. 100
Southlake,Texas 76092