Castle Rock Cosmetic Dentist Interviewed About Invisible Braces

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( — September 20, 2013) Castle Rock, Colorado Dr. Scott Brody, founder of Castle Rock Family Dental, was recently interviewed by Andrea of Mile High Mobile Marketing to answer some of the questions his patients ask about Invisalign, also known as invisible braces.

“Invisalign is a procedure a lot of my patients are really excited about,” says Dr. Brody. He describes Invisalign as a method for straightening teeth that is very similar to braces. Invisalign has become known as a great method for fixing crowded and overlapping teeth. “Instead of using metal braces,” he says, “clear plastic trays are employed.” The trays are designed to fit over the patient’s teeth and to apply gentle constant firm pressure to move the teeth into position.

“You swap out trays every two weeks,” says Dr. Brody. He also says that Invisalign trays are far more convenient and comfortable for the patient to wear. “When you want to eat, or when you need to brush your teeth, very simply all you need to do is take out the trays and then put them back in when you’re finished.” He also says that because the trays are removable, food won’t collect, and it makes keeping your teeth and mouth clean a lot easier.

Dr. Brody also goes on to state that Invisalign is a great treatment for adults who want to straighten their their teeth for the first time, or if their teeth have slid out of place in the time since they had braces as an adolescent. “Teenagers are also okay to receive Invisalign, but they must remain responsible and diligent with the care and removal of the trays.”

When asked how long people can expect for treatment to complete, Dr. Brody had this to say, “Since the trays need to be exchanged every two weeks, the time someone can expect for complete treatment can vary from patient to patient. On average it can take between four and six months.” When compared to traditional braces that need to be worn anywhere from one and a half to two years, this is a significant time savings. 

Dr. Brody was excited to inform Andrea that Castle Rock Family Dental currently has a special for $1,000 off Invisalign treatment. Located in, and serving the greater Castle Rock area, Dr. Brody and his staff offer a wide range of services that are designed to improve and enhance their patient’s smiles. They are currently accepting new patients. Those interested in an Invisalign consultation should call Castle Rock Family Dental or visit their website for more information.

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