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A beautiful smile is priceless.  Whether you transmit it consciously or subconsciously it is viewed across cultures as a sign of friendliness and a feeling of joy.  Smiles emit signals of approval, lightheartedness, and even self-confidence.   It has also been proven, that smiling requires a significantly less amount of muscles in the face than frowning. Not only does frowning emit a sense of depression or anger but in the long run,  frowning can also cause more wrinkles than smiling. 

Smiling, as important as it is for our physical appearance, should not only be viewed important for that reason.  The truth of the matter is that oral care should be the essence and primary reason we would want to always have a beautiful smile.  While dental care can sound boring and perhaps not exciting, learning the importance of oral hygiene at an early age is something every person should know. 

Dental diseases are caused by not taking the time to take proper care of teeth and the lack of knowledge of doing so.  Mouth rinsing, flossing, brushing our teeth and visiting the dentist regularly are the simple, basic steps to avoid the many diseases that can affect and cause so much more than just a toothache or cavities.  Diseases such as pyorrhea, gum disease, gingivitis, and even oral cancer, to name a few, are caused by not following the simple steps of dental care.  Improper dental care has been linked to ulcers, anxiety and even heart disease.

Dentists can tell a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be developing a disease like diabetes.  While an attractive smile is important, being knowledgeable of the importance of oral hygiene and regular visits to a dentist should be a priority.

When looking for dentistry and a sparkle clean, never settle for less than white.  Dr. Lawrence Klein, a dentist with top of the line dental technology and dental equipment will provide optimal care for any dental need including dental implants and oral surgery.  With heartfelt dental patient care, this family dentistry will definitely make you smile.

            With offices located in St. Petersburg, FL a happy and healthy smile is always your sure protection.

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