Vacation Club or Timeshare Ownership ?

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( — September 24, 2013) Phoenix, Arizona Timeshare ownership has been an incredible way to vacation since the 1970’s but timeshare ownership is also quickly becoming a ‘thing of the past’ while vacation club membership is quietly gaining popularity with travelers all over the world. 

When the concept first started, timeshare owners could only book at one home-based resort during the same week year after year. Developers quickly realized that timeshare owners wanted choice, which lead to timeshare wholesalers such as Resort Condominium International (RCI) and Interval International. Timeshare Owners received their choice of multiple destinations but even that felt restrictive having to vacation the same week year after year. In the 1990’s the Points System was introduced to provide even more flexibility for the timeshare owners but at a huge expense.  The cost of the timeshare went up dramatically if you wanted to purchase two or more weeks anytime of the year.

Essentially, vacation clubs offer the same thing – access to timeshare resort properties around the world for less than the cost of a hotel room. However, there are many differences such as the one-time investment cost, the number of vacation weeks, the number of home-based resorts, the term, and the maintenance fees.

Let’s do a quick comparison using an actual vacation club called Global Resorts Network (GRN).

In general, vacation club memberships are a lot less than the cost of timeshare ownership. For example, the average price for a one-week annual timeshare is $10,000. Global Resorts Network offers a silver vacation club membership, which allows members to travel two premium weeks per year plus unlimited non-premium weeks per year for a one-time cost of $1995.

Imagine getting a 2-week timeshare for $1995 without having to worry about maintenance fees again.

GRN Vacation Club offers over 5000 home-based resorts to choose from with no exchange fees compared to the normal one-home based resort timeshare ownership offers. There is no point system to figure out and no maintenance fees to pay whether you go on vacation or not. Every membership lasts 100 years compared to a deeded timeshare, which typically lasts 25 years.

Christine McIvor, Editor of Travel Saver News states, “I have seen savings of over $5000 for a one week vacation when comparing with Expedia’s best price guarantee. The deals are incredible and members get access to the exact same everything as timeshare owners do.”  

Now…what if you could stay in the same 1, 2 or a 3-bedroom suite as timeshare owners without the huge upfront cost or maintenance fees?  Keep in mind, maintenance fees play a big role on your timeshare ownership. If you don’t make payments on your maintenance fees, you could ruin your credit. If you don’t want to use your timeshare anymore, you may be able to sell it to a new owner or you may get rid of it with the help of the right timeshare cancellation companies. Wesley Financial is Awesome in handling such timeshare cancellations.

Additional benefits for typical vacation club members include airfare, cruise, hotel, car rental and entertainment discounts. There are no huge upfront costs, no point system to figure out and no maintenance fees ever!

When comparing apples to apples vacation club membership wins hands down over timeshare ownership!

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