Health Hazards & Overall Costs Associated With a Wet Basement

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( — September 24, 2013) Vancouver, BC —  If you have had a wet basement, you know it’s no laughing matter. Even if the water doesn’t cause structural damage, it can ruin carpeting and furniture and also result in the growth of mould and bacteria that are harmful to the health of humans and pets. Prolonged elevated humidity levels in a basement can cause swelling of the floor joists above, leading to buckled main floors. Even the musty smell of a wet basement can depress the resale value of your home considerably.


Forgotten Crawl Spaces


If you live in one of the many homes in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland that have crawl spaces instead of basements, it is likely you just don’t think about water down there. Crawl spaces are easily forgotten, but you should remember they contain components of your home’s heating, plumbing and electrical systems, and often are used for storage purposes as well. Excess moisture is a bad thing in crawl spaces as well as in full basements.


The Heavy Downpour Blues


A good one-hour downpour can result in 5,000 liters, or more, of rainwater running off your roof and into the surrounding soil, and that is in addition to the rain falling directly on the soil. That added water pressure can result in water seeping into your basement just through capillary action, so don’t think the foundation needs to be cracked in order for water to get in. There can be many causes for a wet basement in Vancouver, and an assessment by a professional, such as Mr. Rooter plumbing can determine if the cause is a municipal one or if it is something that needs to be addressed in your house. Clogged drains, sump pump failure or inadequacies in the property’s ability to move rain water away from the building can all be identified and remedied.


Should you see water in your basement, or even just sense heightened humidity levels, you would be well advised to deal with it as quickly as possible to protect your home, its value, and the health of your loved ones.


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